Creepy Crawly Centipedes

Darting from the darkness with their multitude of legs moving all at once, centipedes are known for petrifying people of all ages. With thousands of known species living around the world, these primarily nocturnal predators are found mainly in moist habitats. Although a centipede’s venom can cause serious pain, human deaths from a centipede’s sting are rare.

FUN FACT: The venom of a centipede is delivered through modified legs, rather than through their mouths.

The centipedes found in our area are commonly referred to as “House Centipedes”, because they often seek shelter in homes. More specifically, they prefer damp rooms such as bathrooms and basements.

FUN FACT: Centipedes grow more legs as they develop. After molting, additional pairs of legs are often revealed.

Giant Vietnamese Centipede

Giant Vietnamese Centipede

The Greensboro Science Center is home to a large species of centipede called the Giant Vietnamese Centipede. Native to the tropical forests of southeastern Asia, these centipedes prey primarily on small invertebrates and can grow up to eight inches long. To see one of these colossal creepy critters in person, visit “Bug Discovery” inside Animal Discovery Zoo’s Discovery House daily from 10:00am – 4:00pm.


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