New Goats in the Friendly Farm



Two male Oberhasli goats, Dunkel and Yodel, have been added to the Friendly Farm’s Contact Yard! Oberhasli goats are a dairy breed that originated in Switzerland. They are fairly large, with males growing up to about 34 inches tall and weighing up to 150 pounds. Although their size may be intimidating, the pair’s calm and friendly dispositions should make Dunkel and Yodel wonderful additions to the contact yard!

Both goats are yearlings that came to us from a farm in Mt. Airy. In Animal Discovery’s Friendly Farm, their diet consists of commercial goat pellets and hay. One way keepers tell the pair apart is by looking at the dark stripe on their backs. Dunkel has a slightly wider back stripe than Yodel. He’s also a bit more social than Yodel, with an occasional tendency to nibble fingers! As his name suggests, Yodel is the more talkative of the two.



FUN FACT: Oberhasli goats are strong, powerful breed that is sometimes used as a pack animal.

Oberhasli goats are considered a “Recovering” breed by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. This means that although their population in the United States has increased, they are still being monitored.


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