Centerpiece Projects of Gateway Master Plan Revealed

June 7, 2022

Bekah Robinson
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The Greensboro Science Center (GSC) and the Battleground Parks District (BPD) Prepare to Bring Top-5 NC Tourism Status to Greensboro and Guilford County

GREENSBORO, NC — The Greensboro Science Center (GSC) is revealing details of two projects designed to position Greensboro at the forefront of science-based tourism in North Carolina, including the goals of 750,000 guests and $100M of recurring economic impact annually. City leaders have agreed to allocate $20M of the upcoming $70M Greensboro Parks and Recreation Bond towards the GSC’s Gateway vision. GSC leaders will seek to repeat the private fundraising success of its 2016 – 2018 Think BIG! capital campaign to complement bond funding.

GSC Staff and Board of Directors are excited to unveil Expedition Rainforest: Greensboro Biodome and The Aquatic Rehabilitation and Care Complex (ARCC).

Glenn Dobrogosz, the GSC’s CEO, said, “Our GSC team learned a lot while working to sustain basic operations and build Revolution Ridge during the peak of COVID-19. Thankfully, with the enormous attendance success sparked by Revolution Ridge, it has become abundantly clear that GSC members, local citizens, donors, and hundreds of thousands of tourists now expect us to generate big ideas and build even bolder projects. Expedition Rainforest and the ARCC are not only bold ideas, they will transform Greensboro’s role in science education, tourism, and species conservation at state and global levels.”

About Expedition Rainforest: Greensboro Biodome

Designed as an interconnected biodome complex, Expedition Rainforest will offer students, families and tourists an immersive, ‘under the dome’ journey into our planet’s most diverse ecosystem. The biodome will include up-close encounters with sloth, toucans, clouded leopards, caiman, capybaras, giant tortoises, birds of Amazonia, and creatures of the understory, showcasing diverse and colorful reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Rockscapes, waterfalls, and lush tropical foliage beneath a sunlight-penetrating roof will surround swinging bridges, replicas of ancient art from South America, Africa, and Asia, and inspirational graphics that will connect stories of life, science, diversity, conservation, art, and culture from across the world.

About The ARCC


The GSC’s Wiseman Aquarium was NC’s first-ever inland aquarium, a visionary project that dramatically advanced tourism and economic development in central NC. The ARCC will build on that success by providing students, families, guests, and universities with a conservation and research “Ocean Lab” designed to propagate and/or replenish wild coral, sea horses, jellies and other aquatic animals in need. The facility will also serve to rehabilitate sea turtles and isolate, treat, house or quarantine sharks, rays, and other fishes. Guests will be able to explore all sections of the ARCC while interacting with aquarists, biologists, and veterinarians as they work to care for and conserve ocean life.

Dobrogosz said, “As I reflect back on the past 19 years and the many times we were told that Greensboro could never support building an aquarium or an expanded science museum or zoo, I am incredibly proud that we stayed true to our original mission and vision. Greensboro’s bright future will be built around leaders and organizations that ‘think big,’ innovate and follow through. The Gateway Project is a true gateway to economic growth and smart growth that brings all people together to learn and to experience common ground in life and science.”

Click here to view and download renderings.

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The Greensboro Science Center offers three fascinating attractions in one wild destination! We are the only facility in North Carolina that offers an aquarium, museum, and zoo. Spend the day with us and come nose to beak with playful penguins, get eye to eye with awesome otters, explore the human body, experience Mother Nature’s fury and fun, and encounter exotic animals like gibbons, meerkats, and lemurs!

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