Egyptian Fruit Bats in the Discovery House

Egyptian Fruit Bats

Egyptian Fruit Bats

A new mixed-species in the Discovery House showcases the zoo’s newest animals: Egyptian Fruit Bats! These guys “hang out” in caves, tombs and temples in their native habitat – arid, moist tropical and subtropical biomes. They can be found in Northern Africa, Southern Europe, Northern India, and the Islands in the Gulf of Guinea.

DID YOU KNOW? Although their average body length is just 6 inches, these bats can have a wingspan of up to 2 feet!

Egyptian Fruit Bats primarily eat fruits and pollen, but will occasionally eat some plant matter as well. They use echolocation to find food and are actually the only genus in the group megachiroptera to do so. In captivity, these bats can live into their 20s.

You can see these new Egyptian Fruit Bats on display along with African Hedgehogs in Animal Discovery Zoo’s Discovery House daily from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Stop by and check them out on your next visit!

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