Greensboro Science Center to Participate in #GivingZOOday

The Greensboro Science Center (GSC) will be participating in #GivingZOOday on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 to raise awareness of the community support that allows the organization to care for today while investing in tomorrow.

Glenn Dobrogosz, the GSC’s CEO, shared, “The GSC believes in community service through science! 100% of all contributions are invested back into our community in unique and innovative ways that make Greensboro a more attractive community to live, raise a family and build a business.”

On this date, known outside of the zoo and aquarium community as GivingTuesday, people all over the world celebrate generosity by giving to their local community – whether it be time, a donation, or the power of their voices.

#GivingZOOday is an international campaign that engages everyday zoo and aquarium visitors in philanthropy by highlighting the positive impacts these institutions have on their communities.

As a nonprofit organization, the GSC relies on guests, individuals within the community and corporate partners to invest in our projects, programs and exhibits. “Giving ZOOday is an opportunity for our supporters to say, ‘We love what the GSC brings to Greensboro and want to help the team keep doing what it does best – CREATE’,” concluded Dobrogosz.

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