Meet the Board of Directors: The Treasurer

We’re back this week to introduce you to another one of the amazing people who help to guide the GSC’s success!

Ben Edwards, Treasurer

Board member since: 2014

What is your educational background?  Undergrad & Masters at Duke; Law School at UNC.  I love both schools, except for 2-3 days per year during basketball season!

What is your professional background? I’m an attorney at Lincoln Financial Group.

How did you become involved with the Greensboro Science Center? I was a GSC member and enjoyed bringing my family to GSC.  A colleague and mentor of mine and former board member (Bob Scheppegrell) got me involved in board-related activities.  The rest is history!

Why is the GSC important to you personally? I have three young children.  They don’t agree on everything, but they always agree on GSC.  Every time we come, we see something new.  And as a board member, it is very easy to talk about GSC in the community and to be so proud of what GSC does and what it means to its members.

Why is the GSC important to the community? I think the last year or so has been a great reminder of how important science is to our daily lives.  To have an organization that values science and serves as a literal and figurative beacon in our community is an amazing thing.  We saw the literal beacon at work with Winter Wonderlights last year, and the figurative beacon is shining bright with the enhanced focus on conversation efforts, the Revolution Ridge expansion, and so many other exciting things bringing people back to GSC.

What plans for the GSC’s future are you most excited about and why? It’s so much fun to think about all of the projects that GSC has completed in recent years and has underway, including the Revolution Ridge expansion.  For me, I’m always most excited about what’s NEXT!  GSC is such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, and its staff and board are always thinking far beyond the next day, month or year.  Continuing that dynamism is really what I’m most excited about. 

Is there anything else our members would be interested to know about you? I could watch the penguins all day; they are amazing!  And I can’t wait for the return of the Tuxedo Trot 5K!

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About greensborosciencecenter

The Greensboro Science Center offers three fascinating attractions in one wild destination! We are the only facility in North Carolina that offers an aquarium, museum, and zoo. Spend the day with us and come nose to beak with playful penguins, get eye to eye with awesome otters, explore the human body, experience Mother Nature’s fury and fun, and encounter exotic animals like gibbons, meerkats, and lemurs!

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