Volunteer Spotlight: Marcia R.

Marcia R. has dedicated her time volunteering at the Greensboro Science Center for over four years. Over that time, Marcia has been trained in multiple programs.

“[I] work in the Zoo and Aquatic areas at least twice a month,” she says. Individuals who are interested in volunteering in more than one program must be active Docents who have volunteered with either our Aquarium or Zoo Docent programs for at least six months. After that time, they have the opportunity to attend the training class for the opposite program.

Marcia may have been a new volunteer to the GSC in 2014, but she had plenty of experience volunteering at another facility. Marcia explains, “Prior to living in Greensboro, I resided in Maryland and worked at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (in Washington, DC) in the Entomology Department with numerous types of insects.”

Marcia R Volunteer DSC_5440

She may have had to switch gears a bit when she started volunteering at the GSC, but Marcia gained skills at the Smithsonian that have since benefited her here, adding, “While at the museum, I gave lectures on insects to groups of visitors from around the world. I loved working with the animals and visitors!”  

Since public speaking and interaction is such a big part of volunteering at the GSC, we’re especially grateful for the skills Marcia acquired at the Smithsonian.

Beyond public speaking and interaction, education and inspiration are two other key aspects to volunteering at the GSC. Our volunteers, like Marcia, have a strong desire to share knowledge while also instilling a passion for our natural world in our guests.

Marcia says, “While working at [the] GSC, I attempt to seek out visitors’ questions concerning the animal they are viewing, and hopefully [they] will continue searching for additional animal information after their visit.”

In reflecting on her four years at the GSC, Marcia recalls, “I was most fortunate to transfer my interests over to [the] GSC and to be a part of their ‘Outstanding Volunteer Program’!”  

We couldn’t agree more. As for us, we would not be able to do any of this if not for our volunteers, who commit so much of their time to the education of our community and conservation of our world.  Marcia has volunteered almost 450 hours at GSC, and we are proud to have her as part of our volunteer family.


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