NEW Animal Encounter Program Coming to the Greensboro Science Center

Opportunities to meet and engage with animals up close have always been favorite experiences for visitors at the Greensboro Science Center. They’re also some of the favorite experiences for our staff and volunteers to facilitate each day. Our Ambassador Animals—small mammals, birds, reptiles, and bugs—interact with children in our on-site school programs and off-site outreach programs as well as in daily encounters with visitors in the Discovery House and Herpetology Lab.


Beginning September 5, our staff and volunteers will be preparing for a new type of Ambassador Animal program. Starting in early 2018, volunteer members of our Animal Encounter Team will provide opportunities for visitors to meet animals at scheduled times throughout the day. Those encounters will continue to take place in Discovery House and the Herpetology Lab. You may also encounter an Ambassador Animal out in Jeansboro Junction or in the Zoo Plaza. When you arrive each day, you can view the schedule for encounter times on the doors of the Herpetology Lab and Discovery House, as well as the sign leading out into the Zoo where you normally find the listing for Keeper Talks. Scheduled talks with our Keepers in the Zoo and our Education Staff in the Aquarium will continue to take place daily.

These new scheduled Animal Encounters will help the Science Center team better record the appearances our animals make each day and make sure they get days off. We appreciate your patience as our team works together to bring you this new program later this year. In the meantime, although opportunities to touch our furry and scaly friends will be limited, our staff and volunteers will still be available to teach you about them and help you discover the wonder of our natural world.

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About greensborosciencecenter

The Greensboro Science Center offers three fascinating attractions in one wild destination! We are the only facility in North Carolina that offers an aquarium, museum, and zoo. Spend the day with us and come nose to beak with playful penguins, get eye to eye with awesome otters, explore the human body, experience Mother Nature’s fury and fun, and encounter exotic animals like gibbons, meerkats, and lemurs!

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