Catch ‘Em All at PokeMonday Event on August 1!

In recent weeks, we’ve noticed a disturbing increase of usual activity on our grounds. It appears that the Greensboro Science Center is home to nine PokeStops and one gym, which has been attracting the attention of all kinds of Pokemon. These pesky Pokemon have been disrupting our staff, annoying our animals, and causing quite the commotion with our visitors.

Now, we understand that Pokemon are a natural part of our world and we certainly don’t mind welcoming the well-behaved ones. For example, Pidgeotto has tested our forward flight simulator and Staryu has been adding to the scenery in SciPlay. We are perfectly accepting of these polite Pokemon.

Pokemon Go - Pidgeotto and Staryu

However, we’ve seen a lot of inappropriate behavior that we feel must be stopped immediately. Meowth was spotted meddling with power tools during the construction of our new Destination: Dinosaur! exhibit. Pinsir has been perturbing our pandas, Beedrill has been buzzing around our gibbons, and Gloom has been drooling all over our floors!

Pokemon Go - Meowth Pincer Beedrill Gloom

We’ve decided that our best course of action is to request the help of Pokemon GO fans to help us catch ‘em all. On Monday, August 1 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., we’ll be hosting a special #PokeMonday event, during which time we will be placing lures at many of our PokeStops. We invite you to join us, place some lures of your own, and help us catch these vexatious virtual vermin so we can regain control of the GSC.

(Also, please challenge our gym. Some of our staff have been battling for bragging rights. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take over so they’ll get back to work…)


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