Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie B.

At the Greensboro Science Center, we are honored to welcome approximately 750 volunteers each year, giving a cumulative 36,000+ hours of their time. With a friendly greeting and a warm smile, our volunteers help us carry out our mission each day, educating our visitors about our animals and exhibits and inspiring them to learn more.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Leslie B.

Leslie is an Aquarium Docent who began volunteering at GSC since August 2015. Leslie has been a regular aquarium docent since she started. She tries to volunteer two to three times a week as she is looking for a way to combine giving back to the community, education and her love of animals.

“Volunteering at the GSC is an ongoing pleasure for many reasons. There is a kinetic and contagious joy between people and animals, especially children who get to see and touch sea life for the first time. The wonder and excitement is palpable almost every time I volunteer. I find it very rewarding to let visitors know the names and details of the animals and their environments. My time at the GSC is very pleasant thanks to the Staff who are very approachable and working with other friendly and cooperative docents.”

Leslie - Memphis pic

When asked for a memorable volunteer moment, Leslie spoke of seeing Memphis, the Giant Pacific Octopus, come out from hiding for the first time after his much anticipated arrival into the aquarium. “I find meaningful memories to take with me after each volunteering session and look forward to more enriching volunteer adventures at the GSC.”

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The Greensboro Science Center offers three fascinating attractions in one wild destination! We are the only facility in North Carolina that offers an aquarium, museum, and zoo. Spend the day with us and come nose to beak with playful penguins, get eye to eye with awesome otters, explore the human body, experience Mother Nature’s fury and fun, and encounter exotic animals like gibbons, meerkats, and lemurs!

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