Greensboro Science Center to Rehabilitate Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles

You may have seen the recent news about cold-stunned sea turtles being rescued off the North Carolina coast. Our colleagues at the North Carolina Aquariums were quick to step up and assist. Although many turtles have already recovered and been released back into the Atlantic, there are still a large number that need additional rehabilitation. The North Carolina Aquarium has asked the Greensboro Science Center to assist with a state-wide effort to help these turtles recover.

Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle

Earlier today, we received 4 green sea turtles. Our aquarium and veterinary team will administer medical assistance as needed, provide them with a healthy diet, and monitor their recovery until they are strong enough to be released back into the ocean. The turtles will be housed behind the scenes of the aquarium during their treatment, and will not be on exhibit for visitors to view. We will, however, be sure to post updates along with photos and video on our social media channels so everyone can follow the progress of these endangered animals.

Facilities like ours work collaboratively with other aquariums, zoos, and state and federal agencies to help protect and preserve wild animals and places. Efforts such as this sea turtle rescue are possible because of well-trained aquarists, properly equipped facilities, and global conservation networks. While aquariums are known for providing visitors the opportunity to experience rare and exotic animals in a safe environment, a lesser-known fact is that they also contribute to global conservation efforts. The Greensboro Science Center is proud to be able to help rehabilitate these sea turtles as part of one such effort.


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