Don’t Miss It – Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species DayAs a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) the Greensboro Science Center is home to many animals that are listed as endangered. On May 15th we will offer guests the opportunity to learn more about the endangered species that live at the Center. Zoo Keepers will provide Keeper talks throughout the day highlighting the species that live at the Center whose wild cousins are on the endangered species list. The GSC is planning a day of festivities to learn about endangered species. Here are some highlights of what the day will entail.

We will have local artists and members of CARE (The Coalition of Artists for the Recognition of Endangered Species) on site creating works of art that portray the beautiful endangered species that live at the Center. The artists will discuss their work, their passion and their artistry. Educational Docents will be on hand to talk about the animals and answer questions.

Catch the buzz at our bee hives. Linda Walbridge will be geared up and talking bees! The Center is home to two active colonies of honey bees. Linda takes care of the hives and the bees. She will be talking about the Center’s hives and bees in the wild. Bees have been in decline of recent and great strides are being made to preserve these precious little critters who bring us beautiful flowers, honey, ice cream, and the list goes on. Learn what you can do to help the bees!

Sharing the garden space with the bees are our butterflies. Listen in on a butterfly talk with Alison Manka. Monarch butterflies are another species in need of help. And just like bees there are simple ways you can help to preserve the species. Alison will talk about planting milkweed in your yard and other ways you can help the species.

Have you ever seen a rain collecting barrel? Wondered how it works and whether or not it is something you can do? Join Chandra Metheny, the GSC’s horticulturist to learn about ways you can create and maintain your very own garden in an eco-friendly fashion. There are many yummy vegetables and fruits you can grow in your own backyard. Chandra will give tips and stories about the best more sustainable gardening options there are for yards of all shapes and sizes.

With so many fun options and neat things to learn, we hope you can join us for Endangered Species Day!

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The Greensboro Science Center offers three fascinating attractions in one wild destination! We are the only facility in North Carolina that offers an aquarium, museum, and zoo. Spend the day with us and come nose to beak with playful penguins, get eye to eye with awesome otters, explore the human body, experience Mother Nature’s fury and fun, and encounter exotic animals like gibbons, meerkats, and lemurs!

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