Breakfast In the Zoo

Picture this: Round tables draped with crisp white linens elegantly arranged around the zoo plaza… At the center of each table, clear glass vases filled with sand and bamboo shoots set atop glass mirrors… In front of each seat, special souvenirs to remember the day: a plush red panda and a copy of Faces of the Earth… In the background, birds chirping, gibbons cooing, howler monkeys howling, tigers roaring…

Sounds like the perfect start to an unforgettable Saturday, doesn’t it? On Saturday, September 20, 2014, Red Panda Day ticket holders will be honored with a special treat typically reserved for the most extraordinary occasions: breakfast in the zoo.

Tai Eating Breakfast

Tai Eating Breakfast

While relaxing in this serene morning setting, sample some savory and sweet treats from the breakfast buffet, including hot sandwiches from Biscuitville, fresh baked bagels from Bruegger’s, juicy, ripe fruit from The Fresh Market, yogurt, applesauce and cinnamon rolls. Hot coffee from Beans Boro, tea, juice, milk and water will also be provided.

This breathtaking breakfast is really just the beginning. After enjoying a meal, Red Panda Day guests are invited to participate in red panda themed games and activities, special behind-the-scenes tours (some of which have never before been offered), and enjoy the Greensboro Science Center for the remainder of the day, all while supporting a very worthy cause. All proceeds from Red Panda Day will be donated to the Red Panda Network to support Red Panda conservation. Tickets are $30/person for Greensboro Science Center Members and $40/person for non-members. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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