It’s a Panda Party!

We mean red pandas… which aren’t actually pandas at all, but that’s a different story…

On Saturday, September 20, 2014, we’re celebrating International Red Panda Day with our very own red panda, Taiji! This isn’t your typical Science Center event… this is a truly unique celebration designed entirely around red pandas FOR red pandas, with all proceeds being donated to the Red Panda Network to help save wild red pandas and preserve their habitat.

What do we mean, an event designed around red pandas? Well, take, for instance, the activities…

Upon entering the Greensboro Science Center, each Red Panda Day guest – both kids and kids at heart – will receive a passport. Your mission over the next two hours: travel through the five countries that make up the red panda’s native range, complete each country’s activity, game or challenge and earn your Red Panda Ranger Badge.

Panda Patterns
Red pandas have very distinctive patterns on their fur. Use hair chalk to create a distinctive pattern of your own!

Red Panda Facial Markings

Red Panda Facial Markings

Predator/Prey Pong
Red pandas eat bamboo… earn one point. Snow leopards eat red pandas… lose one point. How many points can you score in Predator/Prey Pong?

Predator/Prey Pong

Predator/Prey Pong

Arboreal Obstacles
Red pandas spend most of their time in the trees and so, are adept climbers. Do you have what it takes to complete our arboreal obstacle course?

Red Panda Balancing Act

Red pandas have awesome balance… how about you?

A red panda version of the classic game, Memory… flip over cards two at a time and match the red panda’s range, habitat, food source, and more. How many turns does it take you to match them all?

Mystery Box
First, get a clue. Then, get a FEEL for the answer. Touch the items in the mystery box and see if you figure out the answer to our red panda riddles.

Of course, in addition to red panda recreations, Red Panda Day guests will also enjoy a delicious breakfast, special behind-the-scenes tours, sweet souvenirs, the chance to win prizes (like a red panda encounter!!!) during random drawings, general admission to the Greensboro Science Center for the remainder of the day, and that wonderful feeling that comes with the knowledge you are helping to save a species.

Tickets are $30/person for GSC Members and $40/person for Non-Members. All proceeds benefit the Red Panda Network.

Click here for more information or to purchase tickets.


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