Pick Up an Ice Cube with a String

Pour salt over ice cube and string

Pour salt over ice cube and string

Full cup of water
Ice cube
~12 inches of string

Put your ice cube in your cup of water.
Drape your piece of string across the ice cube; make sure there are a few inches of slack on each side.
Pour salt on top of the ice cube and string.
Wait for 60 seconds, then, taking the ends of the string in each hand, slowly lift the ice cube out of the water.


Carefully lift ice cube

Carefully lift ice cube

You’ve picked up an ice cube using just a piece of string! How? According to explorable.com, the addition of the salt disrupts the state of equilibrium that existed between the ice cube and the water. The salt molecules begin to dissolve and mix with the water molecules; this changes the water’s rate of freezing. The rate of melting is now far quicker than the rate of freezing, causing the ice to melt rapidly. In order to restore the state of equilibrium, the water’s freezing point drops, causing the ice to freeze. The salt begins crystallizing and the ice ultimately refreezes around the string.

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