Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Hi, I’m Tux! I’m one of the Greensboro Science Center’s African penguins. I live in the Carolina SciQuarium with a whole colony of feathered friends. Not long ago, our keepers gathered all of us penguins together to tell us about the Tuxedo Trot: Run for the Penguins. They had this awesome idea to get our human friends to join a 5K and Kids’ Fun Run to raise money for our fellow wild African penguins. They’re in an awful lot of trouble, you know. More on that later. During our meeting, our keepers asked for a volunteer to serve as the official mascot of the race and, gosh, I just couldn’t help but raise my wing! What fun! What a great cause!

My first task as official mascot was to pose for a photo shoot so our amazing graphic artist, Beth, could use my likeness in the race’s logo. Check it out… didn’t she do an amazing job? She totally got my good side!

Posing for Tuxedo Trot Logo

Posing for Tuxedo Trot Logo

Since my beautiful face is going to be all over town, I thought I’d take a few minutes to properly introduce myself. I was hatched at New England Aquarium in Boston in June 1, 2011. I moved to Greensboro in October 2013 and I love it here!

My keepers are super fun. I just love to hang out with them. When they are in the water cleaning the windows in the morning, I always swim over to say “hi” and see if they want to take a little break to play with me. I get along great with my fellow birds and I even have a boyfriend, Apollo!

Next time you’re at the GSC for a visit, please come see me. Although we all dress alike, I do have some unique features that can help you find me among my friends. The other penguins have solid markings on their faces, but I have these pretty “waves” around my eyes. If you can’t tell by my unique markings, you can always just look for my armband. It’s got my name on it!

I’ll be writing more as we approach race day so you can get to know me and understand how desperately my fellow African penguins need your help. For now, mark your calendars for the Tuxedo Trot: Run for the Penguins on April 26!

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About iamtux

My name is Tux. I am one of the African penguins living at the Greensboro Science Center's Carolina SciQuarium. My hobbies include swimming, waddling and nesting. I'm honored to be the official mascot for the 5K and Kids' Fun Run, Tuxedo Trot: Run for the Penguins.

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