“Laser Holidays” OmniSphere Show Review

Being your “average” 24-year-old unmarried & childless woman, I had doubts about the likelihood of my genuinely enjoying the GSC’s new holiday OmniSphere show, “Laser Holidays”. Initial thoughts ranged from “It’s too early for this, we haven’t even gotten through Thanksgiving yet!” to “Seems like a good place to take a nap.” To top it off, I’m not a big fan of Christmas music, thanks to the fact that my mom starts playing it incessantly for two months prior to the actual holiday.

Anyway, the song line-up looks like your average fare, so at the very least, I figured I could hum along in order to maintain consciousness. I paid my $3 dues and took a seat near the middle of the room. [Pro-tip: Choose a seat further towards the back so as to have a better view of the whole dome.] The OmniSphere operator gave his usual spiel about not using cell phones or trying to navigate the stairs in the dark, then the 45-minute long holiday journey began.

Some notable moments:

-“Rudolph” had some really cool stuff going on visually. It felt like I was staring at a picture book. Riddle me impressed; I was just expecting lots of twirly lines.

-There’s a Smashing Pumpkins cover song in the line-up! Awesome. My nineties alt-rock loving self was pretty impressed by this. I’ll bet yours will be, too.

-Nat King Cole – you’ve got to respect that man’s version of “The Christmas Song”. CLASSIC.

-There’s an Enya song sung entirely in Irish Gaelic. Did I think this show had any tricks up its sleeve? No way. But well played, “Laser Holidays”.

-Calling all moms! Two words: Mariah. Carey. Your inner eighties queen won’t be able to resist the urge to sing along. Just try to keep your high notes under control….

What I’m saying is, “Laser Holidays” successfully melted my cold, cold heart, right in the middle of November – and there’s no one more surprised by that than me! Did I mention this show isn’t solely concerned with celebrating Christmas? You’ll see Kwanzaa and Chanukah messages sprawling across the dome, too. I would definitely recommend seeing it. It’s only $3 and truly has something for just about everyone.

“Laser Holidays” plays every day at 1pm and is officially deemed appropriate for all ages. Take it from me, the Scroogiest of the Scrooges – it’s not too soon to get into the holiday spirit, after all.

Visit the GSC’s OmniSphere website for more details, or read over the soundtrack here.


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