Baby Duke Is 4 Months Old!

Duke Learning the Ropes

Duke Learning the Ropes

Duke, the Greensboro Science Center’s baby Javan Gibbon, is 4 months old today! To help him learn the “ropes” of being a gibbon, keepers are decreasing the amount of time he spends sitting with humans and increasing the amount of time he spends with mom and dad (Isabella and Leon). Volunteers stay with him for shorter periods of time – just two two-hour shifts per day.

The rest of Duke’s day is spent in a small enclosure where he can play, climb and just be a gibbon. This enclosure is located inside a larger area where Isabella and Leon can visit and touch him any time they want. The pair has access to this area all day, every day, so if you don’t see them on exhibit on your next visit, they may be spending a little quality time with their baby boy.

Although keepers are still spending the night with Duke, they have eliminated his nighttime feedings. He is now receiving two large milk feeds each day, one at 8:00am and another at 3:30pm. During the day, he is offered solid foods as he learns to eat more of a variety. So far, his favorite items seem to be plums, banana and avocado.

Eating Solid Foods

Eating Solid Foods

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