Wildlife Hideouts

Gardening for Wildlife Month is a great time to look at your yard from a different perspective – the eyes of an animal. Providing a safe place for wildlife to hide from people, predators and even Mother Nature is a great way to attract animals to your garden.

Pond Beside Discovery House

Pond Beside Discovery House

The National Wildlife Federation has several tips on their website for ways you can create cover for wildlife. Planting native shrubs and thorny plants will provide a safe hiding place for many animals. Aquatic animals, including fish, frogs, salamanders and toads, may find safety in backyard ponds and streams. Mature and even dead trees are ideal hiding places for birds as well as many insects.

Ground Cover in the Zoo

Ground Cover in the Zoo

In Animal Discovery Zoo, we have several areas that provide safety for native wildlife. The pond outside of the Discovery House has routinely housed frogs, fish, and insects. In our Certified Wildlife Habitat just past the entry to the zoo, we have several trees and shrubs full of foliage that create cover for any animal looking for a place to hide. The tall trees surrounding the zoo area provide safety to such animals as chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and several species of bird.

Creating diverse places for wildlife to hide by providing a variety of cover such as tall trees, low shrubs, grasses, water features, etc. is a sure way to attract an assortment of animals to your yard.


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