Zookeepers Don Bowling Shoes

On May 1, many of our zookeepers will be trading their work boots for bowling shoes in support of Bowling for Rhinos.



According to the AAZK (American Association of Zoo Keepers), there were once over 100 species of rhino. Today, only 5 species exist: the white, black, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos. All five species are endangered, primarily due to poaching. Rhinos are only safe on protected sanctuaries where they cannot be killed by poachers. The AAZK started Bowling for Rhinos to raise money to fence in some of these sanctuaries, buy planes and vehicles to patrol for poachers, buy cameras and pay for anti-poaching security, among other things.

Rhino Donation Box

Rhino Donation Box

Each bowler is responsible for raising a minimum of $25 to participate and with Bowling For Rhinos’ total goal of $500,000 this year, our zookeepers could certainly use your support to raise as much as possible! If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, just drop some cash into the adorable rhino heads located at our admissions desks. Every dollar and cent helps and we appreciate your concern for these magnificent creatures!

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