Java for Javans

What’s better than indulging in that steaming cup of fresh, hot coffee each morning? Knowing the purchase of your cup of joe supports a worthy cause.

Rainforest Blend

Rainforest Blend

Rainforest Blend

Beans Boro Coffeehouse & Roastery developed this special “Rainforest Blend” to support conservation efforts in Java and the Javan Gibbon breeding program at the Greensboro Science Center. They describe the coffee as “A perfectly balanced blend that we brew every day at the cafe.  It has a full body with hints of caramel.  A clean finish that leads to a rush of spicy notes.  Tasty any time of day.”

Javan Gibbons’ Status

Javan Gibbon

Javan Gibbon

Javan Gibbons, nicknamed “Little Men of the Forest” are currently listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red List. Native primarily to western Indonesia, this arboreal species’ chief threat is deforestation. With the wild population estimated at less than 4,000 individuals, Javan Gibbons could be extinct in as few as 50 years.

How You Can Help

Stop by the Greensboro Science Center’s TriceraShop and pick up a bag of Rainforest Blend for $12.00. 100% of the proceeds from the TriceraShop’s sales will be donated to Javan Gibbon conservation efforts.

Beans Boro Coffeehouse & Roastery will also donate proceeds from sales of this special Rainforest Blend both on site (2604 A Horse Pen Creek Road) and online.

Leon, Isabella and their fellow Javan Gibbons appreciate your support!

Leon and Isabella

Leon and Isabella


One thought on “Java for Javans

  1. hi…nice to know your program, far way from your place, we have been initiated this kind of program to conserve Javan gibbon in the wild.

    best regards

    Coffee and Primate Conservation Project
    Central Java, Indonesia

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