Meet Oscar and Bubba

Bubba and Oscar

Bubba and Oscar

We’d like to introduce you to our two Guinea Forest Hogs, Oscar (on the right) and Bubba (on the left). Guinea hogs were once the most popular breed of hog in the Southeastern U.S. Today, there are only about 200 registered animals remaining. Because of its small population, the guinea hog is listed as a critical breed by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy.

Oscar and Bubba came to us in July of 2008 from the Virginia Zoo. They live in Animal Discovery’s Friendly Farm alongside alpacas, goats and sheep. When visiting them, you can tell them apart mainly by their fur. Bubba has long, luxurious locks with a few reddish highlights while Oscar’s hair is a bit thinner.

Bubba and Natalie

Bubba and Natalie

Although guinea hogs are smaller than most other livestock pig breeds, they are still tipping the scales. Even at their ideal weight, Oscar weighs 70.7kg and Bubba weighs a whopping 81.4kg. They get two big meals, mainly comprised of mature pig chow, greens, grassy forage and vegetables, as well as a snack every day.

Keeper Natalie says the boys like being brushed and will often roll over for a tummy rub when she’s with them. For enrichment, they enjoy rotten logs or tubes filled with treats that they can roll around with their snouts. In terms of training, these guys can target and will get onto a scale to be weighed. Oscar seems to pick up on training a little faster than Bubba. He knows to open his mouth for treats and is currently learning to sit on command!

Oscar Getting Treats

Oscar Getting Treats

For more information about guinea hogs, check out our Guinea Hog Fact Sheet. You can also visit Oscar and Bubba in person daily from 10:00am – 4:00pm in the barn at the Friendly Farm.

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