Wildlife Rehab Tips

Spring is the season for finding injured and abandoned wildlife. The Greensboro Science Center receives dozens of calls every year during this time from concerned citizens regarding the welfare of these animals. Animal Discovery Zoo is not licensed to rehabilitate injured wildlife, but here are a few tips to help you find the right rehabber.

What to do when you find an animal

Baby Squirrel

Baby Squirrel by Lucy Toner

Piedmont Wildlife Rehab has a wonderful resource for virtually any animal you may find. The “Found an animal” section of their website has guides for birds, small mammals, turtles, opossums, fawns, bunnies, waterbirds, and even pet dogs and cats. Before you intervene, it’s a good idea to check these guides to see if the animal is truly in need of immediate assistance or if you should just keep an eye on it to determine whether or not it is actually at risk.

Who can you call if an animal is truly injured or orphaned?

Our state is lucky to have a dedicated group of licensed rehabilitators who can assist you. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission publishes lists of Wildlife Rehabilitator Contacts by species for each county. You can contact one of these volunteers for assistance. Click here for a list of contacts in Guilford County.

Another great resource is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the North Carolina Zoo. Their hours are 8am – 8pm from April through October, and 8am – 6pm from November through March. For immediate assistance, they can be reached at 336-879-7644. You can also contact them via email at: nczoo.wildliferehab@nczoo.org.

We appreciate your concern for native wildlife and wish you the best finding an appropriate rehabilitator!


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