All About Taiji

Red Panda, Taiji

Red Panda, Taiji

As you may have heard, a Red Panda has arrived at the Greensboro Science Center! Taiji is a one-year-old male Red Panda that came to us from the Red River Zoo in Fargo, North Dakota. He will spend approximately one month in quarantine before being released into his new habitat in Animal Discovery (the old lorikeet exhibit, across from the Javan Gibbons).

Taiji will be the first red panda on exhibit in an accredited zoo in North Carolina.

Red Pandas are most active from dusk to dawn and spend the majority of their time in trees. They grow to be about twice the size of a domestic cat, have reddish-brown fur and a long, furry, ringed tail.

Like their distant cousin, the Giant Panda, bamboo makes up a large part of the red panda’s diet. To supplement their diet, they also eat mushrooms, roots, nuts, eggs, and occasionally insects and fish.

Because the population is thought to be less than 10,000 mature individuals in the wild, the Red Panda is classified at a Vulnerable Species by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Threats to the wild Red Panda population include poaching and habitat destruction.

Once Taiji matures, we hope to welcome a female and begin a breeding program in coordination with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan.

Check out this video of Taiji’s first day in Greensboro. He spent the day exploring his quarters, climbing the tree branches and sniffing everywhere!

Click here to view pictures from Taiji’s arrival day.


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