Easter Egg-Speriment: Fit An Egg In A Jar Without Breaking It

Fit an Egg in a Jar

Fit an Egg in a Jar

1 peeled hardboiled egg
Jar with a mouth large enough to allow your egg to sit on top (we used an old milk jar)

Warning: This experiment requires an adult helper.

1. Moisten the mouth of the jar.
2. Have an adult strike a match and light a piece of paper on fire.
3. Place the lit paper in your jar.
4. Place the egg on the jar’s mouth.
5. Watch as the fire is extinguished.
6. Watch as the egg gets sucked into the jar!

Watch this experiment in action!

What happened?
The fire in the jar heats the air, making it expand. When the egg is placed on top of the jar, it prevents oxygen from entering the jar. Since fire needs oxygen to burn, the fire is extinguished. As the fire goes out, the air molecules begin to cool, moving closer together. This creates a vacuum inside the jar and the egg is sucked inside!


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